Hi and welcome to my website. I am Manuel Mühlig, a scientist in the interesting field of robotics. This place is used to provide some information about me to the public. Mostly, you'll find information about my professional or scientific life and not so much personal stuff. The website is more of a virtual business card. If you are interested, you can see the latest updates in the news section, get to know me by reading my vita or have a look at recent publications and patents.

I lately changed the CMS for my website from DokuWiki to WordPress Joomla. The old website (including the downloadable dark theme) is still reachable at old.muehlig.eu. However, most information has been transferred to here and at some point in time I will remove the old site.

I will update this website irregularly with various things as they come to my mind. If you want to contact me or find out more, just click one of the buttons in the connect box on the right. And, if you are not a spam bot, you are also allowed to leave me a message in any of the comments boxes on the bottom of each page.